Lynx Motors

Lynx is back!

Jun 18, 2020 | Latest News

Lynx Motors new Logo

Lynx Motors, one of Britain’s most prestigious marks of hand built bespoke automotive gems including the famous D-Type , XKSS and C-Type jaguars has chosen to relocate back to the U.K. The company is renowned for its quality recreations using materials and techniques from a bygone era, but kept very much alive in the heart of the midlands in Coventry, and built with passion and love.
Frank Berger, the company’s new CEO, has managed to build a remarkable team around him In the U.K. One of the founders of Lynx, Roger Ludgate, has been so impressed with the team that’s now in place, he has become an Ambassador of the newly formed Lynx Motors company now based exclusively in the U.K. Roger is delighted to see the company return to it routes in Britain. Bringing jobs back to the United Kingdom at a crucial time.
Frank explains that “there is nowhere in the world that has the expertise like you do in the U.K. to build beautiful Lynx cars. This for me was an easy choice and will allow Lynx Motors to grow and prosper not only to our international client base but also in the U.K.”
A great British brand now handmade exclusively in the U.K. once again. Relaunched with Passion!