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This section of our website is dedicated entirely to our North American customers and to introducing our USA Lynx team.

Restoration Services

Lynx Restoration

Steve McQueen’s XKSS

Lynx undertakes some of the finest restorations anywhere in the world. The company was for example given the restoration on Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XKSS . This is widely regarded as the most original and famous XKSS and the car having been totally restored by Lynx resides in the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles for all to view. A small piece of information that came out during the rebuild was a small “cubby hole”  that Steve had to be put in to store his fags !

The Ecurie Ecosse Transporter

The company also undertook an entire nut and bolt restoration on the original Ecurie Ecosse transporter saved from certain destruction by our patron and one of the founders of Lynx Roger Ludgate. Lynx then went on to fully restore the Ecurie Ecosse three car transporter which motor sport fans would have first come into contact with as an the immortalised Corgi Toy version. The transporter was later put up for auction and exceeded all expectations and sold to a US buyer for £ 1.8 million .

The original 12th Lightweight E Type Jaguar

Lynx also restored the very famous and the last of original 12 Lightweight E type Jaguars . The car having been hidden for many years by the owner under a pile of cardboard boxes to hide it from his wife during an acrimonious divorce . The car was sympathetically restored by Lynx keeping as much of the original patina as possible and today represents the very best skills and dedication that goes into restoring any restoration of significant historic Jaguars .

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Original Ecurrie Ecosse transporter
Last of original 12 Lightweight E type Jaguars

Classic car Events

Pebble Beach & Amelia Island

Pebble Beach

The next Pebble Beach event (the 70th) Concours d’Elegance is on Sunday August 15th,  2021. This is the flagship event in the U.S. Classic Car automotive calendar. The event began even before Lynx was formed in 1950 but this is a can’t miss event for many Lynx customers around the world.

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Amelia Island

Also another must attend event in the American classic car calendar is Amelia Island. With so many wonderful cars and people attending, the event has a unique ambiance all of its own. With the support of RM Sotherby’s auction and the amazing display of wonderful cars in the Amelia Island Concour d’Elegance this is a fabulous event that Lynx have enjoyed attending and supporting over the years.


Supporting our U.S. customers

The customers in the images above wanted to collect their cars whilst enjoying the wonderful Goodwood Revival weekend. All part of the Lynx personal service.

If you’re buying a Lynx car whether it’s a D Type, an XKSS or C Type Jaguar you can be sure of a personal service throughout the process. Lynx cares about every single detail of how the car reaches the customer anywhere in the world.


Specialist Shipping

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To help us deliver our personal service to customers around the world we have partnerships with the very best shippers and contacts throughout the industry.

Established in the 1960s, Cosdel brings peace of mind to our clients worldwide transporting classic cars all over the world. They manage every aspect of transportation from initial collection to final delivery, including freight documentation and all custom brokerage services. 

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