Chevrolet 58 Corvette

Vehicle Details

Make Chevrolet
Model Corvette
Year 1958
Mileage 5 Miles
Engine Size 4.3 Litre
Engine Power 250 BHP
Transmission Manual 4 Speed
Colour Red over white

Vehicle Description

If you are seeking the best of the best in first generation Corvettes this car is worthy of your consideration. The car represents the highest quality and originality and offers a rare collectability belonging in a high end collectors corral of rare Corvettes. Very few Corvettes are restored to this level and quality with this car representing the highest of collectability when considering the rarity of this 58 Corvette. The number of hours put into this build is exhausting.

Just sitting in the very special american icon is a truly great experience. The beautiful design and finish are beyond reproach and this is why these 58 cars are so highly priced today .

This is the type of car that can start a bidding war as one famously did a few years ago in the south of France at a world renown auction . The car finally went for €267,000 and went well beyond its reserve . This car is identical although this one is in a beautiful shade of red and built to the same exacting stands by the best in the business .

Hearing that lovely V8 fire into life with its RAMJET Fuel Injection and rumble down the road swathed in this beautiful american Iconic bodywork is enough for many to go weak at the knees. On a sunny day this car is complete bliss.

There can never have been a more iconic piece of Americana than this beautiful restored car. It’s the type of car that can spark a bidding war which is exactly what happened a few years ago in the south of France at one of the world premier auction houses. The car in question was exactly the same spec and condition as this one and sold for a record €267,000 as I recall.

Just to sit in this 58 Corvette is a special experience as the dash layout and detailing are so beautifully designed and produced . The 58 is the most sort after year for these cars and this one is a total nut and bolt restoration by the best restorers in the US . It has to be seen to fully appreciate this iconic and truly special car.

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Chevrolet 58 Corvette