We’re a company borne out of a passion for recreating the highest quality cars from bygone eras.


Lynx Motors produces the most exquisite and charming cars from a bygone era, when bespoke small volume production cars represented the very pinnacle of the automotive industry. 

However, Lynx Motors is currently developing unique products exclusively built by the very best British craftsmen in the U.K. and will use the latest modern build techniques and materials not available at the time to recreate some of the most famous and loved classic cars from a period in our history when passion and individuality were at the corner stone of the automotive industry. No stone will go unturned in the pursuit of excellence which makes the famous Lynx brand unique and stand out amongst its piers.

The team responsible at Lynx Motors for delivering and developing these cars is made up from a group of experienced and seasoned individuals who have lived and breathed classic cars all their lives and between the team cover off all the elements needed to create the ultimate driving machines. That experience and knowledge is unique to Lynx and allows our clientele around the world to experience driving pleasures not previously available with products they will adore and cherish for a life time.

With Lynx you feel the passion and dedication to the cause that goes into each and every one of the cars we build.

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Lynx low drag etype coupe
lynx xkss bonnet up engine
Lynx D-Type


Frank Berger

Frank Berger


Dr Anjou Appelt

Dr.Anjou Appelt

Finance Officer

mike adams

Mike Adams

roger ludgate

Roger Ludgate


Johannes Schilcher

Johannes Schilcher


Brendan OToole

Brendan O‘Toole